Hight Octane TV

We have been chosen to be one of the two teams featured on High Octane TV, cable VOD and mobile devices for HIN-LA 2006. As most of you know, the footage of us has been shoot already.

Below is a link to the broadband site in addition all the shows are available on cable VOD and for mobile devices.


The first HIN show went live on the network this week (the HIN preview/intro show).

A new show will be added each week from now on, the HIN shows will not air chronologically as in 3-episodes from LA back to back they will rotate starting with one show from LA>Vegas>SF>Phoenix and so on back to a new episodes from each location…

Here are the air dates for the upcoming Hot Import Nights shows: Remember if you have digital cable I recommend watching the shows on TV as the picture quality is much better as opposed to broadband or mobile etc

Wed 10/18/06
Wed 10/25/06
Wed 11/1/06
Wed 11/8/06
Wed 11/15/06
Wed 11/22/06
Wed 11/29/06
Wed 12/6/06
Wed 12/13/06
Wed 12/20/06
Wed 12/27/06
Wed 1/3/07
Wed 1/10/07
Wed 1/17/07

On digital cable all shows are free and On-Demand the same shows are also available for those who not have digital cable on Broadband and mobile.

All shows are available to watch on your time (there is no broadcast time) and will be available to view for 4-weeks, a new HIN show is rotated in each week.

Hybrid luv,

James Lin

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