Hot 4s “COVER” June 2012 Issue – WRX Wagon

Congratulations to LV Chapter’s Tom Milroy’s WRX Wagon for being selected and published in a 5 page full feature in Hot 4s Magazine “COVER” June 2012, issue #221, pgs. 088-092. Lastly, this also makes it a total of 6 Team Hybrid Covers this year and with more to come!

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Congratulations to my BMW E36 for being featured on K&N’s latest news section on their website.

K&N news title, “Fully Custom BMW 328IS E36 Owned by Team Hybrid President James Lin Blends Style and Performance.”


As one of the most reoccurring vehicles on Car and Driver’s annual “Ten Best” list, the BMW 3 series is a true ultimate driving machine balancing both performance and style. There is one 1996 BMW 328IS on the road today showing how this sweet combination dubbed “streetability,” creates a perfectly harmonious blend capturing the complete identity of Team Hybrid founder James Lin. Hailing from Hsin-Chu City in Taiwan and based in Oxnard, California, James Lin is a major player in the automotive world. Lin’s E36 has been spotted and honored at these recent events:

  • 3rd Place BMW and StopTech car for 2012 Motion Auto Show
  • 3rd Place Euro/Other and NOS Energy Drink car at Import Showoff-Nisei
  • K&N car at Formula D, Irwindale race event

Recently, K&N was able to catch up with Lin to talk about his E36 and how he was inspired to build such completely custom ride.

What inspired you to have a passion for modifying cars?
“Founding team Hybrid and Hybrid Hunnyz in January of 1995… dominating year after year… and reaching many of our team’s milestones.”

What drew you to this specific model?
“The DTM styling and the classic [look of the] BMW E36.”

When asked further about the uniqueness of his E36, Lin shared how it served as the test vehicle for the Tokico Illumina 5-Way adjustable shocks as well as how the car sports a motorized audio setup allowing the 4 SONY amps in the trunk to be raised with all the other electronic features loaded into this BMW. James also installed a K&N high performance intake kit among the other performance upgrades in the E36’s engine bay. A full catalog of all James’ mods is been listed:

Completely Custom BMW 328IS E36

Rieger GTR-1 Body Kit in Artic Silver
Rieger GTR-1 Roof Spoiler in Artic Silver
M3 Sport Package in Artic Silver
M3 Side Moldings in Artic Silver
BBR Carbon Fiber Lip
European-Spec Headlight w/ Angel Eyes
European-Spec Taillight
European-Spec Side Markers in Artic Silver
European-Spec Eyebrows in Artic Silver
HID 5000K Head Lights
HID 5000K Fog Lights
B1 Hybrid Corner Bulbs
Dual Way M3 Heated Side Mirrors in Artic Silver
Wraptivo Carbon Fiber Decals
Glossy White Decals by Graphic Impact

BMW 328IS E36 Engine Upgrades

Racing Dynamic Carbon Fiber Valve Cover
Racing Dynamic Polished Strut Bar
BMW Grade Wrapped Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover
BMW Grade Wrapped Carbon Fiber Fuse Box
K&N Intake System w/ Carbon Fiber Filter
European M3 Polished Oil Cap
Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
Mishimoto Carbon Valve Cap
Mishimoto Radiator Hoses
HKS Klasse Exhaust System
AMSOIL 10W-40 Premium Protection Oil
AMSOIL Differential: Severe Gear 75W-90
AMSOIL Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube
Clutch Masters 03041-HD00 FX100 Stage 1 Clutch Kit

James Lin’s BMW E36 328IS Sports Custom Wheels and Tires

Wheels & Tires & Suspension:
Dresmann 3 Piece Rim
Front: 19 X 8.5
Rear: 19 X 8.5
BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW
Front: 215/35/ZR19
Rear: 215/35/ZR19

Brakes & Suspension:
StopTech Trophy Street BBK: 4 Piston Front (One-off KIT and only set in the world)
StopTech Trophy Street BBK: 2 Piston Rear (One-off KIT and only set in the world)
StopTech Drilled 2-Piece AeroRotors (F & R)
StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
StopTech High Performance Brake Pads (F & R)
AMSOIL Dot 4 Brake Fluid
Tokico Illumina 5-Way Adjustable Shocks/Springs Suspension Kit
Energy Suspension Bushings

BMW E36 328IS Custom Interior Design

Sparco Piuma Steering Wheel
Sparco Piuma Shift Knob
Sparco Piuma Pedal Set for Manual Transmission
Sparco Torino 2 w/ 3PT Sparco Double System Harness
Sparco Track Set Sliders
Sparco Seat Brackets
NRG Short Hub
NRG 3.0 Quick Release
Torasport Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit
Carbon Fiber Shift Boot
Carbon Fiber E-Brake Boot
Carbon Fiber Arm Rest
Carbon Fiber E-Brake
Suede Front Door & Rear Panel Inserts by Art’s Customs
BMW Grade Wrapped Carbon Fiber Handles
Embroidered “Team Hybrid” Floor Mats
Relocated Climate Control
Relocated 18-Botton On-Board Computer
LED Ultra White Interior Lights

Team Hybrid Custom Audio/Video for BMW 328IS E36

Audio & Visual:
Sony XNV-770BT Double Din 7″ w/ Touch Screen, Navigation, DVD & Bluetooth w/ Remote
Sony XS-GTR1720S (2) Xplod GTR Series 2 – Way Speakers
Sony XS-GTX1641 (1) Xplod GTX Series 4-Way Speakers
Sony XS-GTR100L (2) Xplod™ 10″ 4-ohm Component Subwoofer
Sony XM-4S (2) Slim Series 4/3 Channel Amplifier
Sony XM-15 (2) Slim Series Class D Mono Amplifier
Sony XVM-B62 (4) Flush Mount 6.25″ LCD Monitor
Sony XA-R800C (1) Rear View Camera
Sony NSZ-GT1 (1) Internet/Powered by Google TV/Apps/Blu-ray Disc Player
Savv LBM – S5000 – Security Rear View Mirror Monitor w/ Remote
Custom 7″ Double Din Dash
Custom Rear Interior Flush Mount 6.25″ LCD Monitor into the Ash Tray Compartment
Custom Motorization for Sony AMPS (4pcs)
Custom Motorization for Sony Internet/Powered by Google TV/Apps/Blu-ray Disc Player
Stinger TRUE-SPEC Tinned Oxygen-Free Copper Line Wires and Cables
Stinger Power Supply
Stinger Power Converter
NRG Chrome/Silver Aluminum Washers and 10mm Bolts
Optima Deep Cycle Yellow Top Battery
LED Ultra White Lights
Clifford Keyless Remote Entry & Alarm System
E36 is also Wi-Fi Ready
Customized and Fabricated in Fiberglass Trunk & Trunk Lid Painted in Artic Silver/ Suede / Wraptivo Carbon Fiber Wrap Multimedia Audio and Video System by Al & Ed’s Autosound

James founded Team Hybrid, a world leading automotive racing, street and show team in 1995. With his team, he has been dedicated to promoting and building a proud member base as well as founding the Hybrid Hunnyz models. K&N supports Team Hybrid and James’s motto, “May our 17+ years of legendary tradition, philosophy, quality, innovation and management continue making import history…” K&N has been manufacturing aftermarket performance products for over 40 years and understands the importance of quality in performance. K&N high flow air filters and intake systems offer increased power as well as excellent engine protection, which for vehicles like Lin’s E36 is crucial.

Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

PAS – Fall “Special Edition COVER” 2012 Keonie Viernes’ EVO IX

Congratulations to LV Chapter’s Keonie Viernes‘ Tangelo-Voltex-Widebody-Turbo EVO IX for being selected and published in a 3 page full feature in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine’s “Special Edition COVER ” October 2012 issue, pgs. 120-124.

Lastly, this also makes it a total of 5 Team Hybrid Covers this year and with more to come!

Title of Article: Straight Shooter

PAS quote #1, “Getting linked up with the members of Team Hybrid car club convinced him to take his vision to the next level and build a “show and go” beast.”

PAS quote #2, “Though his project isn’t near completion, a humble Keoni credits this build to his sponsors and the other members of Team Hybrid for helping him get through this long process. By the time you’re reading this, there’s little doubt he’ll have racked up double-digit trophies with many more to come.”

Sponsors and Hybrid Luv: Team Hybrid, BFGoodrich, Meguiar’s, Mishimoto, Sony, Clutch Masters, NOS Energy Drink, Energy Suspension, K&N, Pacific Custom Paint, Chris Walls, Grafix Impact, Gene’s Auto Sport, Evasive Motorsport.

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TeamHybrid MitsubishiEvo141


TeamHybrid MitsubishiEvo142

 TeamHybrid MitsubishiEvo143

PAS – August/September ’12 – James Lin E36

Congratulations to SoCal Chapter’s James Lin’s BMW Reiger E36 for being selected and published in a 3 page full feature in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine’s August/September 2012 issue, pgs. 038-042.

Title of Article: ONE OFF: Team Hybrid E36 BMW Blends High Performance and Streetability With Good Looks.

Words by David Mackinnon | Photos by Icon Media

PAS quote #1, “This E36 BMW is far from the first car James Lin, founder and president of Team Hybrid, has built. In fact, two of his previous vehicles have graced the cover of PAS and several more have had featured articles.”

PAS quote #2, “This latest build features the Team Hybrid concept of melding high performance with streetability and good looks.”

PAS quote #3
, “Through his connections, Lin’s ccall to arms brought in a wealth of support from the aftermarket, including StopTech R&D, which has put together a one-off Trophy Street big brake kit… Tokico has used the car as a test vehicl to finalize the development of its Illumina five-way adjustable shock absorbers and springs… in center of trunk is a Sony NSZ-GT1 Internet TV-equipped Blue-Ray player. This unique product uses Google TV to make surfing the net easy when a Wi-Fi connection is available.”

PAS quote #4, “In keeping with Team Hybrid’s philosophy, Lin’s BMW is clean, simple and functional; but, a closer look reveals some rare components and unique creativity that sets this ride apart from the rest.”

Sponsors and Hybrid Luv: BFGoodrich, Meguiar’s, SONY, StopTech, Mishimoto, Sparco, K&N, AMSOil, Wraptivo, Optima Batteries, ClutchMaster’s, Graphik Impact, Energy Suspension, Tokico, NOS Energy Drinks, Zerimar Dezigns, China Square, and Hybrid Lighting LTD., Co.





James’ most important personal missions in the import scene is now completed and accomplished in full (does not include team missions/goals).

All the cars that he has built or helped build have landed a cover and/or feature, won awards at major competitions, attended SEMA/LA Auto Show/CES in company booths and traveled/tour N. America with major OEM manufactures (i.e. Toyota/Scion) consistently for the last 17+ years.

There are many other personal accolades and James’ thanks everyone that has helped him along the way either minor or major.

This article couldn’t of been published at a better time since the month of August is his Birthday month.

A great final gift and James’ has to thank the editor in chief of PAS for doing this.

Thank you Lin Family, Hybridz, Hunnyz and all our team title and individual sponsors. – Motion Auto Show & Expo 2012

Congratulations to Team Hybrid for being featured in the Motion Auto Show & Expo 2012, Long Beach, Ca event coverage and written about in For the exact link of the article, please visit…w-a-expo-2012-

PAS wrote, “For the 2012 edition of the Motion Auto Show, ProMotion Distributing once again packed the Long Beach Convention Center with the industry’s latest products and some of the hottest cars on the planet. Now in its sixth year, the Motion Auto Show has become one of the premiere tuner-enthusiast lifestyle events in the world. This time, the show saw over 5,600 eager attendees walk though the door to check out 143 different vendors, 360 car show competitors and 200 unique media outlets – numbers that are up across the board over last year. Out on the show floor, we saw a lot of really amazing cars and mod jobs – hats off to everyone that showed up to show off their ride…. one of its rival car clubs, Team Hybrid, earns the hardware for ‘Best Display.”






alt – EVO X

Congratulations to LV Chapter’s Reggy Cunanan’s EVO X for being featured and written about on online website Is this another one of our future rising stars??? Only time will tell esp. since our team is infamous for building standard setting EVOs. For the exact link of the article, please visit



THE CHANGE IN TIDES, BRINGS ABOUT THE GAME CHANGERS. Today we cover Mitsubishi’s “improved” AWD monster. The EVO Diez. The craze of factory power and AWD traction is just an unbeatable pair, especially with cops cracking down on imports. Nothing beats a daily packed with blunt force speeds. Now the Improvements to the 10 vs it’s predecessors 7 / 8 / 9 were merely to make it a safety sports sedan while keeping some heritage of the years before and their lineage of “rally” based production cars. Being 300+lbs heavier than a IX and out preforming it in few aspects it became widely known as a dolled up IX. I remember when the X came about and the track buzz started, they were praised for their on track feel and ability to corner. The overall improvements to braking, ride comfort, quietness, handling, acceleration, just made the 10 the perfect daily over the 9. This gem was the same conflict diamond as before, just more refined.

What motivated you to build it?
I graduated high school in 2008, it happened so fast. I happened to get a new 2009 scion tc the day I graduated. I had the “tuner basics” TRD intake and HKS exhaust. As the years went on and learning about cars, modding, and so forth, there was a car I would see on the road that I would just go crazy over, the EVO! My very first test drive was a Evo 8 at a local Mitsubishi dealership. I noticed it had some light mods from what I could see, a HKS intake and HKS exhaust. I took it for a test drive, and from there on, I knew that was the car I wanted. An AWD car that has 4 doors, turbo, and beautiful looking.

Up until 2010, I have always talked to my family about wanting to get a Evo 9. It just never got to work out and my parents are the kind that say “never take a chance with a used car” which I can totally understand. During some period of time, I came across a car, which I then learned was the new Evo X. I drooled over it, every time I saw it. In December 2010. I went to California to spend time with my actual father. Long story short, My Dad came up to me as i was surfing the web on Evos and said ” Lets go to Mitsubishi to take a look at these Evos you keep talking about and showing me ” Without hesitation I said ” OKAY! ”

The next morning my dad and I went to South Coast Mitsubishi. After being in what I felt like was heaven, My Dad actually insisted to see if we can get something to work out for me payment wise, and I honestly did NOT want to leave without an Evo. Hours later, I drove off the lot with my new 2011 Evo X GSR with sound and sight package as a daily driver, I was so happy words can’t even explain.

It has always been a dream and a goal in life for me to be featured in magazines, tv, advertisements as so on. Now that I have my dream car, I will continue to modify the car, and never give up that goal.

Current Modifications:

AMS- Underhood Shifter Bushings
AGP – Cold Air Intake, Upper & Lower Intercooler Pipes, 3.5″ Front Mount Intercooler
Greddy – Ti-C Turboback Exhaust
Grimmspeed – 3 Port Boost Controller
Synapse – Diverter Valve
Mishimoto – Silicone Radiator Hoses
Clipse3gt 91 Octane E-Tune


Eibach – Pro Kit Lowering Springs
Enkei – RPF-1 18×10.5+15 Super Brilliant Coating
BFGoodrich – 275/35/18 G-Force SportComp-2


AEM – Digital Boost & Digital UEGO Wideband Gauges
Greddy – Shift Knob
AutoMeter – Gauge Pods

What are your future plans?

To turn my Evo X into a show car that can at least run a mid 10 seconds in the 1/4 mile and it will still be my daily driver.

ETS Ball Bearing PT6765 Turbo Kit. Fully Built 2.4L Motor. GSC SC2 Camshafts. Fuel Rail. Double Pumper. FIC 2150 CC Injectors. Spark Tech Coils. Exedy Clutch. Oil Catch Can.

Exterior & Interior:
Paint Job. Varis Widebody Kit or FQ-400 Body kit with a Voltex Wing. Carbon Fiber Front Lip. Carbon Fiber Mirrors. Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. Carbon Fiber Skirt Extensions. Carbon fiber Grill. Carbon Fiber Fender Vents. Carbon Fiber Roof. Carbon Fiber Canards. Endless Big Brake Kit. KW v3 Coilovers. NRG Quick Release Steering Wheel, Bride Seats. NRG Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers. DSG A-Pillar Gauge Pod Mount. Touch Screen Navigation. Mishimoto Radiator. Colt Speed Strut Bar. Colt Speed Engine Cover.Takata Harness. Harness Bar and Cage. Perrin Shorty Antenna.

And so on.That is an idea of what I want so far. So stay tuned!

Shout out:

Thanks Dad for making this possible and esp. Hybrid luv to Founder/President James Lin, SD Chapter Director Scott Dean, Team Hybrid Family and Hybrid Hunnyz. May our 17+ years legendary tradition continue making import history.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

GripSet Wants to congratulate Reginald C. & his Mitsubishi Lancer for making it into our Favorite Set.


alt ____ – WRX Wagon

Congratulations to NorCal Chapter’s Joe Bacigalupi’s Voltex Wrx Wagon for being featured and written about on online website When your hot, your hot like I’ve always said. For the exact link of the article, please visit

Joe’s Subaru Impreza WRX Shagon Wagon

A lot of times the wagon bodystyle does not get the same respect that the sedan or coupe receives and is underestimated in both style and performance. Joe’s 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon defeats all the stereotypes ordinary people have about wagons and Joe’s wagon is an exceptional example of the potential that wagons have.


Purchasing the WRX brand new back in 2005, Joe had no plans of doing anything to it but to daily drive and bring his dog around town. One day his wife decided to give him a new set of rims, 17×7.5 Gram Light 57s, then after installing his new rims Joe said, “ I thought the car looked terrible at that ride height so I installed Tein lowering springs ( which have since been replaced with the coilovers ) and from there on it’s been all down hill.” Maybe down hill was the wrong term used because the car is very close to perfect now and that wasn’t expected.


Personally 04-05 Impreza WRX’s are a favorite of mine and this one is definitely done right! In some angles you see the aggressiveness from the vents on the hood, in others to the sexy lines of the side skirt. You also notice the sleek body lines from the sedan over fenders, roof rail deletes, and carbon fiber hoodscoop delete.


The Matador Red Mica is a great color choice in my opinion because it catches just the right amount of attention, not to bright a flashy but still eye-catching. Joe and his wife saw this color on a Lexus GS and both agreed it was a nice color. At also just so happens that he owned a red CRX, what a coincidence!


The 2 spoilers and diffuser work together perfectly finishing the aggressive look for the rear end.


This EJ205 is pushing out 290whp 280tq but will be swapped out soon to make more power.


Aside from the Brembo Brakes behind the TE37SL’s the subtle color scheme of grey/dark red work well together.


Joe’s main goal was to create a neck breaker wagon that would easily stand out in a line up of cars. I say mission complete Joe, with form derived from function, this wagon is sure to break necks and backs as people turn around to do a double take on just how amazing this red wagon looks.


2005 WRX Wagon Specs


  • Tomei ARMS m7760 turbo
  • Power Enterprise 800cc injectors
  • Walbro fuel pump
  • Perrin Stealth front mount intercooler
  • Perrin Big MAF
  • Perrin short ram intake
  • Hydrodipped intercooler piping in carbon fiber look, sprayed candy apple green over the top
  • Helix flex uppipe
  • Helix catted downpipe
  • GT Spec header V.1
  • Trust Ti-R PE full titanium catback exhaust
  • Cobb Accessport V.1
  • Custom map and tune by Mike @ GST Motorsports
  • Beatrush oilcap
  • Beatrush radiator shroud
  • Beatrush alternator cover
  • Subaru STi radiator cap


  • 3 stage matador red mica paint job
  • Voltex front bumper
  • Voltex front undertray
  • Voltex carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • Voltex sideskirts
  • Voltex GT hood
  • Voltex hood scoop delete
  • OEM Subaru sedan front fenders
  • Custom widened rear quarter panels
  • JDM Subaru rainguards
  • JDM Subaru waist spoiler
  • JDM Subaru roof rail delete
  • 35% tint all around

Suspension and Brakes:

  • Stance GR+ pro sport coilovers
  • Stance front camper plates
  • Stance rear camper plates
  • Whiteline front endlinks
  • Whiteline wagon specific front swaybar
  • Whiteline rear endlinks
  • Whiteline roll center adjustment kit
  • Cusco adjustable rear swaybar
  • Beatrush front upper strut bar
  • Beatrush rear upper strut bar
  • Brembo 4 piston front calipers
  • DBA 4000 slotted rotors
  • Brembo 2 piston rear calipers
  • DBA 4000, slotted rear conversion rotors
  • Rotora steal braided lines front and rear
  • rear conversion brackets
  • Hawk HP Plus brake pads
  • Custom alignment and corner balance by Wyman at Mach III

Rims and tires:

  • Volk TE37sl Diamond black 18×9.5 +22 rims, (only set in 5×100 in this width)
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE760 245/35/zr18
  • Project Kics neochro lug nuts


  • Alpine INA W900 7″ touchscreen double din deck with Navigation, DVD and bluetooth, ipod adapter
  • Focal 165 KR2 6.5″ component set
  • Focal 100 KRS 4″ component set
  • JL Audio 10″ W6 subwoofer
  • Focal Solid 1
  • Focal Solid 4
  • Stinger red top battery , with custom circuit breaker
  • Custom fiberglass subwoofer box
  • Custom amp rack with red neon lighting
  • Custom A pillars , made to hold the Focal K2
  • Custom black suede , with red stitching interior ( a,b,c,d pillars, headliner , sun visors back seat, custom sub box, amp rack )
  • Recaro SPG driver seat
  • Recaro Evo 9 passenger seat , black suede with red stitching
  • Recaro seat brackets and sliders
  • WorksBell rapfix II quick release in red
  • WorksBell Splash short hub
  • WorksBell steering wheel lock
  • Vertex 20th anniversary deep core steering wheel, black with red stitching and lettering. 330mm deep core
  • Vertex shift knob
  • Apexi turbo timer with HKS harness

“Thanks to the Wifey for putting up with me and the build , thanks to Team Hybrid , Image Auto Body , Mach III , Mal, Mike , Kris and Dave.” says Joe as he received a lot of support for throughout his build!