UrbanRacer.com Dec. ’07 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xD

Team Hybrid, led by James Lin and David Huang, emerged victorious for the second year in a row in the 2007 Scion Tuner Challenge, and proved again why the team is considered a pioneer of the import scene. Team Koshak and Team Auto Concept Elite came in second and third, respectively.

The 2007 Scion Tuner Challenge invited tuner teams to trick out the 2008 xD, with the winner announced at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas. Scion picked three Southern California clubs and gave them each a 2008 xD, and $15,000 (they were not allowed to exceed this budget), to modify the car however they pleased. The challenge was judged by the National Custom Car Association (NCCA).

Team Hybrid won last year with its slick xA. Team Hybrid has a great tradition in creativity, originality, and quality. With the guidance of Lin, the team founder and President, Team Hybrid continues to build a legacy as and one of the finest crews in the nation.

Team Koshak was founded by people who are passionate about cars and car building. With the Scion Tuner challenge, Team Koshak brought car building to a point that raises the bar for others to follow. Originally called team Samurai Aftermarket Fabrication, the team changed its name to better reflect their well rounded aftermarket efforts, including street machines and trucks. Team Koshak is named after the team founder.

Team Auto Concept Elite was established in August 2006 by a group of friends sharing the same passion for building cars and having a common goal to be the best of the best. Although new to the scene, the team has been featured in various media including magazines, the internet, and TV and movie spots. The team consists of a group of friends that treat each and every one of the members as family.

For additional information regarding the contest, the winners, or Scion, please contact Scion Public Relations or Inform Ventures, LLC. For descriptions of the winning cars, please see below.


Carbon8mag.com Dec. ’07 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xD

What an honor. Carbon8 Mag has selected Team Hybrid’s Scion xD, 2007 Scion Tuner Challenge Winner, to be the cover and main feature for its premier issue. Congratulations to Project Director: James Lin and Project Manager, David Huang. Carbon8 Mag wrote, “Check out the lean, mean, green fighting machine that climbed the ranks and took the belt for this years Scion Challenge.”

G20.net Dec. ’07 Car of the Month – Jeff DeGuzman’s G20

Congratulations to Jeff “Ugly” DeGuzman’s 2002 KH3 Sport, Infiniti G20 being December feature on www.G20.net. Ugly said, “I also gotta show love and honorable mention to my boy, phatboypinoy, for introducing and bringing me into my Team, my second family…13 years and still going strong, much love to Team Hybrid.”


DUB Magazine Dec. ’07 Cameo Feature – Alvin Puertollano’s G35

Congratulations to Alvin Puertollano Infinite G35 making DUB Magazine December 2007 50th Issue Anniversary. Collectors Edition. It’s a two sided cover page. It’s under ‘SPOCOM Coverage’. Bottom corner says page ’30 dropotaro/five.’ Picture Caption ‘Team Hybrids’ Infiniti G35.’

UrbanRacer.com Nov. ’07 Featured Article – Scion Tuner Challenge V2.0 Part II

The countdown to the showdown for the 2007 Scion Tuner Challenge is in its final stages; the xD entries and the three teams responsible for them are already in Las Vegas for the official unveiling this week at the SEMA Show. All three teams, Hybrid, Koshak, and Auto Concept Elite, officially handed in their cars to Scion for transport to the Las Vegas Convention Center last week.

The Challenge comes to a head on Thursday when NCCA judges begin the judging process to determine whether or not defending champion Team Hyrbid will be unseated this year. As part of its daily coverage of the 2007 SEMA Show this year, UrbanRacer.Com will be on hand for the showdown.

Can’t wait that long? You’re in luck ? being the pesky and persuasive journos that we are, we asked for (repeatedly) and received (incredibly) specs, in-build, and even final images of all three of the Scion Tuner Challenge entries.

Read on, and then check back often as we deliver the highlights from everybody’s favorite automotive supershow daily.


Import Tuner Nov. ’07 Cameo Feature – Dustin Schulze, Charles Cha, & Jason MacGill’s Evo

In Import Tuner November 2007 issue, pg 31, there is an article about M.O.D (Mitsubishi Owner’s Day). There is an event picture of three of our very own members representing: Dustin Schulze, Charles Cha & Jason MacGill.

Tunerzine.com Oct. ’07 Featured Article – Gaurang Rana’s Accord

Congratulations to Gaurang Rana’s 2001 Honda Accord Coupe being featured on www.tunerzine.com. Tunerzine’s, Jason Siu, wrote, “Representing Southern California with a customized sport compact is no easy task. Building a car to represent one of Southern California’s finest crews is even harder. Gaurang Rana represents Team Hybrid with this 2001 Honda Accord Coupe that has been built together meticulously with all of the highest quality parts. From the turbo kit to the Volk wheels on each corner, there’s no mistaking this Accord as one of Southern California’s finest….This Accord is just one of many fine Team Hybrid projects and shows off what customizing is all about.”

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