Super Street Feb. ’08 Cameo Feature – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xD

In Super Street February 2008 issue, pg 068, there is an article about SEMA 2007, Lav Vegas Convention Center, October 30th-November 2, 2007. There is an event picture of our 1st place Scion Team Tuner Challenge Hybrid xD, David and caption which states, Scion Tuner Challenge. Scion brought back the Scion Tuner Challenge to SEMA, pitting three of SoCal’s top car builders against one another; each team received a new ’08 xD and a budget of $15k, with which they could do whatever they pleased to the cars. Team Hybrid, represented by David Huang, came back to defend last year’s win against Team Auto Concept Elite and Team Koshak, and came through once again with flying colors with their bright green xD.”