Super Street Mar. ’08 Cover Feature – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xD

Congratulations to Project Director, James Lin and Project Manager, David Huang’s 2008 Scion xD in a 6 page COVER feature in Super Street Magazine’s Mach 2008 issue, pgs 054-060. This was an article w/ Super Street that I worked out that had to be kept top secret from the public and now, here it is for all to witness. Making COVER is also another major milestone achievement for Team Hybrid. We continue to be unstoppable. Senior Editor, Terence Patrick, wrote as the cover story heading, “JAMES LIN OF TEAM HYBRID TALKS ABOUT BEING THE KING OF SCION TUNERS.”

At the moment, I cannot copy and past the whole article, but here are a few key quotes that I am taking from the article to share with all of you.

Super Street Quote #1, “Build a winning show car once and consider yourself lucky. Build a winning show car two years in a row and you’re James Lin, Founder of Team Hybrid, who’s won back-to-back Scion Tuner Challenges, defeating three other teams in the invitation-only competition.

Super Street Quote #2, “Another obstacle was the fact that Team Hybrid is purely a car club and not a pro-level shop with a garage available 24/7 or warehouse full of inventory…the problem was solved by outsourcing the development of parts as one-off pieces and relying on loyal sponsors who were eager to jump aboard the proven winner’s ship”

Super Street Quote #3, “The foundation for the design process was Team Hybrid’s philosophy of building clean, innovative cars that can win at the race, street, track, or show. James attributes this multi-disciplinary approach as the primary reason Team Hybrid has become legendary in the tuning industry.”

Super Street Quote #4, “Hopefully James and Team Hybrid will have more time and resources when they go for the three-peat at SEMA later this year.”

There is so much more to the article that you must just wait till you get your copy in the mail, go purchase it or wait till I post up the complete article. Super Street usually does not shoot cover cars like ours in a professional studio unless you’re like HKS USA, but since they did, it shows the level of respect and luv we have from our industry insiders. Team Hybrid is now 13+ years old and going stronger than ever. Remember, there will always be people out there talking negative about our team and etc., but let them because that is all they will and can ever do. Let them talk all they want while we solidify our legendary status in the import industry. Our team resume continues to show why we are the oldest, finest and most innovative team in import history.

ps. What is even more incredible is our very own discoveries, Elle Navarro and Leanne Bell, also made the cover on the top right hand corner. Hybrid is everywhere.