UrbanRacer.com Mar. ’08 Featured Article – Frank D Klepadlo’s tC

Congratulations to Frank D Klepadlo’s 2006 Scion tC making a feature on www.UrbanRacer.com on 03/06/2008. New rising star/gun for Team Hybrid.

URC staff writes, “2006 SCION tC AA Autoworks’ widebody purple passion jumps on the 2008 show tour. In the world of import tuning, incomplete projects are more plentiful than completed ones. This is no mystery; fact is, most owners will admit even after reaching a modding plateau that their car build is still unfinished. There is always something else, an overlooked improvement, an obscure part, some ongoing tuning. In a way, it’s kinda like the American dream; can’t be satisfied with some, have to have more.

Frank D Klepadlo has noticed the sea of half-asses, and is not amused. The tC owner and shop manager at AA Autoworks, a body shop in Van Nuys, Calif., has watched his Scion kin grow in their incomplete ranks, but preferred to build his car into something a little more closer to completion before debuting it. More than that, though, he sought create a build that was fleshed out, unique, and in some ways, pushed to the limits.

The palette was his 2006 Scion tC, a vehicle he purchased new three years ago. Destined to be a show queen, the car was decommissioned for months as Klepadlo got to dumping tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor to create what you see here.

It all started under the hood. Klepadlo went the forced-induction route on the 2AZ-FE 2.4-liter bullet, sourcing one of GReddy’s internally-wastegated 18G turbos and the accompanying kit. The system includes a turbo manifold, front-mount intercooler and plumbing, Trust intake and an e-Manage ECU piggyback. Further supplements revolve around the forced-air setup, including the Walbro 255lph fuel pump, HKS SQV blow-off valve and custom Flowmaster exhaust system.

With power generated, it was time to figure out how to get it to the pavement. The gearbox receives revolutions through a TRD heavy-duty clutch assembly. The forward Monarch mesh 19s take it from the axles and then grab hold via Toyo Proxes 4 rubber, gripping with an impressive 295-sized footprint in back. To make sure the car stays planted, AA setup the hatchback with TRD dampers, Tein S Tech coils and another one-two of TRD in the front strut tower bracing and rear stabilizer bar.

Not satisfied with a default tune, Klepadlo took his turbo’d tC to Paul at Yimi Sport in Santa Clarita, where through extensive e-Manage tweaking he extracted a reported 300 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque, very respectable for 10psi of boost on a car that made 161 and 163 in stock trim. To rein it all in, Rotora brake goodness is attached at each hub, rotors, pads, and steel-braided lines all around with the fronts receiving an extra helping of stopping power in a Big Brake kit upgrade. Motul fluid flows through the lines.

Klepadlo next turned his attention to the exterior, and as one might imagine from an employee of a body shop, he knew it had to be unique. The custom purple candy color and decals by AA are tasteful, for sure, but it’s the elaborate shaping that really grabs the eye. Note the nicely incorporated AIT K1 fender flares, or the subtle elimination of the rear quarter windows with what Klepadlo calls “FK” windows (named after him, of course). The process of installing FK windows involves removing the glass, welding in a molded piece of sheet metal and reshaping the area to maintain the flow of the body lines.

Carbon fiber accents also mark the Scion’s outward looks. Again, AA’s influence is felt in the front and rear bumpers, where carbon APR splitters were cleverly incorporated to look like the two separate pieces were one. We also find the compulsory carbon vented hood and wing on the tC, an AIT variety for the bonnet and Rotora’s GT aero offering mounted on the trunk.

The cabin of the tC has also been altered, though Klepadlo admits it’s still somewhat of a work in progress. The front seats have been swapped out for Sparco Sprint 5 buckets and matching 3-point restraints, and supplemental Autometer gauges dot the dash area. Both shift knob and steering wheel are Momo, with the wheel secured via NRG short hub and quick release. As for entertainment, under the hatch is an arsenal of Absolute USA gear – namely an amp, two 12-inch subs and a pair of monitors – housed in a custom fiberglass, carbon fiber and suede enclosure.

Completed just weeks ago, the purple tC has already begun to earn awards. At the 2008 JDM vs. DTM Chinatown Car Show in Los Angeles, it took home second-place honors for Best Scion. Klepadlo hopes to further campaign the car in such high-profile settings as this year’s SEMA Show and the next “Fast & Furious” movie. In the interim, more juice in coming: new wheels, new exhaust, new suspension, new sounds, and the inclusion of nitrous oxide.

Adding more, already, you might be thinking? It’s not that Klepadlo can’t finish his projects. Like any car guy with his salt, he just doesn’t know when to stop.”

Here are some pictures from the feature but if you would like to see the complete article w/ all the pictures, click on the link below.