Modified Jun. ’08 Featured Article – Jason MacGill’s Evo MR VIII

Congratulations to Jason MacGill’s Mitsubishi EVO MR VIII on being in a full 5 page feature in Modified Magazine June 2008 issue, pg 080-086. The title of the article is “NO Mistakes. Every Modification on MACGILL”S EVO has a Meaning Behind It.” Modified wrote, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression….Jason MacGill’s of Southern California is proud to be a member of Team Hybrid, but is even prouder to introduce the second rendition of the second EVO he’s built.” There will always be critics, but the critics whose opinion matter and have the respect of our industry continue to show our team luv. For the negative critics, don’t worry anymore about how we did it or how we got it; just know Team Hybrid will continue to make history….

As promised, this is another first of many more covers and full features of Team Hybrid cars in 2008 to come. Hybridzzz and Hunnyzzz are everywhere.