PASMAG Jul. ’08 Featured Article – Kirby Wang’s GS300

Congratulations to Kirby Wang’s 1998 Lexus GS300 in a 4 page full feature in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine’s July 2008 issue, pgs 106-110. PAS wrote, “By definition, the term ‘hybrid’ means “anything derived from heterogeneous source, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds” (thanks!) Though the literal definition is sounds somewhat ambiguous, hybrid is a little more specific in tuner-speak. On the technical end, the term can be used to describe a vehicle that has received an engine transplant or even a motor that’s been pieced together from others. However, on the show circuit, Hybrid is synonymous with one of the most famous car crews in sport compact history. Team Hybrid has been representing Southern California tuning for as long as I can remember and team founder James Lin’s squad has evolved along with the scene…” This feature article is titled, “Hybrid Love” When your team name is in the title of the artilce, you know your team has made it to the big times. But when a term coined by the team becomes something the industry becomes familiar with and uses it as the main title of the article, you know your team is not only famous but respected amongest your peers. Why do we command such respect….? One main reason is because WE DON’T BUY RESPECT. WE EARN IT.

Our very own model, Abbie Ratay, is also on the cover. Congratulations. She is one of our more popular Hunnyz on the website.