Formula D, Long Beach – Apr. 12th, 2008

Formula D, Long Beach – 04/12/08 results are in. We took home 10 trophies total including a Team Represent trophy. Details of the win as well as pictures from the event will be up shortly. We represented and marketed our team very well w/ Hybrid car in the Tomei booth (Jason MacGill’s EVO MR VIII), ACT booth (Scott Dean’s G35) , Scion’s tC Challenge (Frank Klepadlo’s tC), AutoFashion booth (Robert Chew’s GS300), 14 cars in the Hybrid/BFG booth and 4 of our co-leaders in the BFG/Mopar Street Team booth. Congratulations on another great show and job well done by all chapters of our team.

Our 10 trophies are as follows:

Best of
Frank Klepadlo – Best Paint and Body
Dion Inutan – Best DTM

1st Place
Alvin Puertollano – Infiniti Class
Chef Haydostian – Other DTM Class
Frank Klepadlo – Scion Class
Jason MacGill – Mitsubishi Class

2nd Place
Stew Gibson – Nissan Class

3rd Place
Charles Cha – Mitsubishi Class
Ice Chaitad – Mercedes Class

And Last but not least, Team Hybrid won Best Team Represent.

Congratulations to all the winners once again!