Modified May ’07 Cameo Feature – Team Hybrid HIN, LA 2006 Display

Congratulations to the innovative minds of the Hybrid management, BF Goodrich and all the hard working members and probies who made our display @ shows an industry standard again @ HIN, LA 2006. In Modified Magazine May 2007 issue, there is a bonus guide included for HIN 2007 Tour. On page 6 of the bonus guide, HIN used a picture of what Team Hybrid looks like @ show as an example for “HIN Car Award Categories for 2007.” This picture/page is very important because anyone competiting will not only know what categories, awards, and payouts given, but it shows why we have won Hottest Club/Team Representation numerous times and been credited by HIN and NCCA as the first team to raise the standards of what Hottest Club/Team Representation should look like for all others to measure against.

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