Max Power U.K. Sep. ’07 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xA

Congratulations again to James Lin, Project Director and David Huang’s, Project Manager, 2006 Scion xA in a 6 page full feature in Max Power U.K. September 2007 issue, pgs 100-105. This year, the Team Hybrid xA has graced not only U.S. and Canadian magazines, now, it is making its run on newstands in the U.K. Max Power UK states, “But with a brand new car and the bragging rights as the world’s top Scion tuners up for grabs, this was always going to be one hell of a contest.” As all of you know now, the judges voted Team Hybrid winners of the Scion xA Tuner Challenge. Lastly, the last two pages of the articles gives you a brief background on the other two teams.

Here is what Max Power wrote about our history, “Established over a decade aog, Team Hybrid is the oldest of the three teams competing in the Scion xA Tuner Challenge. Hybrid’s longevity, and its location in the media-heavy Southern California area, meas it enjoys particular notoriety, both locally and on the nation tuning scene. The club also has many print and other media credits to it’s name. As trendsetters, their cars have been seen and imitated across the world. In fact, a Team Hybrid Scion xA was chosen as the featured vehicle in a Scion TV commercial.”

Lastly, Hybridz, our accomplishments continue to speak for themselves.