UrbanRacer.com Oct. ’07 Featured Article – Scion Tuner Challenge V2.0

We take a peek at what’s coming from the aftermarket’s biggest annual freakout. Urban Racer wrote, “Part 1: Hybrid vs. Koshak vs. Auto Concept Elite. For 2007, besides again hosting one of the industry’s most anticipated trade parties, Scion plans to mark the first SEMA Show for its all-new xB and xD models with a cadre of project vehicles tuned by some of the most respected and well-known tuners in the industry. More on that in a later update.

Also making a comeback after a successful showing in 2006 is the Scion Tuner Challenge. In the debut of the Challenge last year, three teams were invited to build their visions of the ultimate Scion xA, armed only with creativity and a $15,000 maximum budget from Scion. When the curtains were lifted off the finished entries at the 2006 SEMA Show, the competitiveness of the Challenge surprised many. Ultimately though, Team Hybrid of Southern California took home bragging rights as the first Scion Tuner Challenge winner.

For 2007, Hybrid was invited back to defend their title against two new talented contenders. The 2007 Tuner Challenge invites tuner teams to trick out the 2008 xD, with the winner to be announced at SEMA, November 1, at 3:00 p.m. Once again organized and judged by the National Custom Car Association (NCCA), Scion picked three Southern California clubs (including defending champs Team Hybrid) and gave them each one of three identical 2008 xD’s, and $15,000 to modify the car however they pleased (the rules state that the cars do not need to be street legal).

The first part of our preview of the Scion Tuner Challenge exposes the concept renderings and bios of each of the team; part two (check back later this week) of our Tuner Challenge preview will give you a sneak peek that will include in-build photos of each project as they race towards the finish line.”

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