Sep. ’08 Featured Article – Frankie Klepadlo’s tC

AIC - Frankie Klepadlo's Scion tC

Congratulations to Frankie Klepadlo’s Scion tC for a main feature on

AIC: Final thanks and shout outs?
FRANKIE: I have to give a big thanks to Karl at AA Autoworks; without him this build wouldn’t have happened. Thank you, thank you! I have to thank my Mom & Dad and my beautiful girlfriend, Barbara. I also have to thanks the good looking guy, James and all my boys from Team Hybrid.

AIC: How long have you owned the car?
FRANKIE: I have owned the car for almost 4 years now.

AIC: How much money have you invested on your ride?
FRANKIE: Retail There is about $70 grand but thanks to my wonderful sponsors I have had to only put about $30 grand out of my pocket.

AIC: Name one particular mod in your vehicle that stands out to you? Special factor or sentimental value?
FRANKIE: I would have to say one thing that stands out to me is my shaved rear window. It is something a little different that no one has really done.

AIC: What’s is next for the car? Future mods?

FRANKIE: Next for the car is going to be a new interior along with a new sound system.

AIC: What was the 1st car you drove?
FRANKIE: Haha. The first car I drove was a Pontiac Bonneville that I bought for $700.

AIC: Hottest trend in the scene?
FRANKIE: I think the hottest trend is people pushing the limit there are a lot of guys that are trying new and different things; which I respect a lot. I don’t think every car should be the same.

AIC: Please, give me an example.


AIC: Worst trend in the scene?

FRANKIE: The worst trend is Lambo doors and neon underglow lighting. Don’t do it!

AIC: Has the car been dyno’d?
FRANKIE: Yes, the car was tuned and dnyo’d at Yimi Sport in Santa Clarita. It makes 300 WHP & 290 FT/LB torque.

AIC: How much boost are you running?


AIC: What was the last traffic ticket or violation you incurred? If any?
FRANKIE: My last ticket was about a week ago. I got pulled over leaving a meet. They are sending me to the State Referee for my turbo; I’m not sure what I’m gonna do yet.


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