R35 GT-Rs at Buttonwillow – Dec. 29th, 2008

On Monday Dec 29, 2008 @ Buttonwillow Raceway, our very own Darin Ferraro, Las Vegas Chapter, coordinated and executed twelve R35 GTRs to race #13 CW at the Buttonwillow track for the day. There were video guys in attendance, our very own team photographer, Adam Cha from TYC Photography, Alex the GTR book author, some special time attack guests showing up and lastly, our very own member from Las Vegas Chapter, Mike Combes helping by driving the van with all the wheels/tires/tools. The highlights of the day were of course our very own Darin’s Budez/Hybrid R35 and owner of Axis Wheels, James Chen’s R35 going at it at the same time on the tracks.

Darin and Dave Hang (NorCal Chapter w/ the Miata) are two great recent examples of our members and/or probies bring the RACE of Team Hybrid back in action. On top of that, both cars lived up to our motto of Team Hybrid RACE-STREET-SHOW. This is also what our title sponsors BFGoodrich/Michelin is pushing and looking for 2009. Good job making it come to life once again and helping our team be even more well rounded.

Pictures taken by our official Team Hybrid Photographer, Adam Cha from TYC Photography.

Axis GTR @ Buttonwillow http://videos.streetfire.net/video/Axis-GTR-Buttonwillow_208623.htm