Team Hybrid – Happy 14th Year Anniversary

January 7, 2009.. another milestone has been reached. It is our 14th year anniversary so happy anniversary Hybridzzz & Hunnyzzz. Can you believe it? Founded on January 7, 1995 in Oxnard, Ca and after seeing 70+ of you @ our Christmas party when we have a total of about 80-100+ and seeing how our team is performing in the first 6 days of the new year esp. when the import scene is suffering due to a bad world economic situation, the co-leaders and I are prouder than ever and even more confident that we will hit our goal of the 15 year mark. Thanks for all you do and much Hybrid Luv goes out to all the current co-leaders/co-leaders in training/members/hunnyz/probies that are still active with us today. See you @ the 14 Year Team Hybrid and 2 Year Anniversary Party (Date/Location TBA).

This quote of mine means more to me than ever, “May our tradition continue making history…”

Hybrid luv,

James Lin




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