2Dr EVO at Fontana Drag Racing


SO we went to BOTI in Fontana CA finals on Nov 22, 2009. It was a last minute thing for me because I didn’t even know about this even until the day before the event. I took the Mirage down to Cali to see what she runs on a well preped track.

I was hoping to hit 10’s on BFG KDW2, HRE wheels, and BBK. Just the way the car sits when I go to carshows.lol.. THANK YOU TO ALL MY SPONSORS and FRIENDS to get me this far!

First pass of the day after missing the 1st round qualifying runs:

Qualified 2nd, and got me a buy run (1st 10.8 at 138 mph pass on the car):

Semi finals, (back to back 10’s passes):

The 4th run, I lost to a subaru that ran 8.9 at 150+mph… over all, it was a nice race. took 2nd place on Street Tuner class. My very first time racing on a event like this. Not bad eh? lol..

So far my goals this year were met. I wanted to break in the 700 HP range and hit 10’s on street tires by the end of 2009. I did 742 awhp and 603 awtrq and ran 10’s back to back.

anyways, here’s the dyno sheet and the dyno video:


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