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Congratulations to us, Team Hybrid for being one of the first three teams to be featured in the online website – MotionAutoShow.com. Please visit www.MotionAutoShow.com and for the exact link of the article which was just released, please visit:


Title of Online Article is called: Motion Auto Show – Team Hybrid

Story: Being one of “The” oldest, “First” to many of the import competition accolades, most well-rounded, most recognized, well-accomplished, and innovative teams in the import industry.

Team Hybrid stands for a rich tradition increativity, originality, and quality.

“The idea is to create a team with a diversity of hardworking members and a special individuality to every car. By providing the Team with goals to strive for, each member spends countless hours of time, effort, and dedication to show “Hybrid luv and our purpose. It’s not just about winning a show or a race. It’s about getting there as a team”.

Team Hybrid launched January 7th, 1995 in Oxnard, CA when James Lin decided his ride would complement his peers who value and respect his work.

Everyone knows it’s easy to gather a group of friends, and just give it a title to start a Team, but in contrast, James, the co-leaders, members and hunnyz have built a team of legendary status and respect.

Props: BFGoodrich, Meguiar’s, Sony, and Nos Energy Drinks.

Website: www.teamhybrid.com and www.teamhybridforums.com


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