Motion – Auto Show & Expo 2012


Congratulations to Team Hybrid for winning 10 trophies total @ the 6th Annual Motion Auto Show on May 20, 2012 at Long Beach Convention Center.


Here are the Motion Auto Show 2012 results:

Best Team – 3rd Place

Best Display – Only 1st Place

Best Subaru – 1st Place – Tom M. – LV Chapter

Best Subaru – 2nd Place – Joe B. – NorCal Chapter

Best Subaru – 3rd Place – Greg V. – LV Chapter

Best Box – 2nd Place – Robert G. – LV Chapter

Best Old School – 2nd Place – Mallen – NorCal Chapter

Best Domestic 2nd Place – Ken T. – SoCal Chapter

Best Honda – 3rd Place – Sunny S. – SoCal Chapter

Best BMW – 3rd Place – James L. – SoCal Chapter

I’m so proud of our 17+ year old team (oldest team @ the show) and for now, I will just state the facts and in due time, let the pictures speak for themselves.

  1. 10 Trophies won including Best Team Quality Overall 3rd Place, Best Display (Only 1st Place) and sweeping the Subaru Category. This trophy count is also a new record.
  2. 30 Hybrid cars in attendance
  3. About another year has passed for all 4 Chapters (SoCal, Las Vegas, San Diego and NorCal) to come together once again.
  4. 80+ Hybridz & Hunnyz in attendance & everywhere.
  5. 10+ Hybrid Hunnyz (Melissa Riso, Elle Navarro, Maureen Chen, Ryan Oso, Christine Mendoza, Kimmie Lee, Tonia, Channa, Erica, Chelsea & etc.) spokesmodeling and representing.
  6. 4 Co-Leaders/Chapter Directors/Leaders in Training leading by example.
  7. Our professionalism & performance has attracted new sponsors and/or title sponsors esp. for 2012.
  8. Our team title sponsors BFGoodirch/Meguiar’s/K&N/AEM/Mishimoto/Energy Suspension/Tokico/StopTech/AMSOil/Graphic Impact/ClutchMasters/Sony continues to show us mad Hybrid Luv.
  9. 4 different real esate locations with 2 in prime vendor arears ($) were occupied by Team Hybrid Cars. We not only had the most cars for an import team but all 30 Hybrid Cars were in company booths (StopTech, Energy Suspension, BFGoodrich, Mishimoto, K&N and AEM).
  10. What is even more impressiave is we won 3rd place Best Team Overall Quality and we didn’t even have our entire lineup as well as our top 5 overall guns. Don’t believe me? Wait till you see old and new project cars released for debut later this year.

Our performance this weekend was record breaking once again (10 trophies) as well as innovative by having each Team Hybrid Car in a company booth once again (2nd year in a row). 1st import tuner team to not only do this with our quantity & quality of cars but for the 2nd year in a row. Lastly, even after 17+ years of consistently winning, being published & performing, our team can re-invent & debut a Hybrid Empire of epic proportions.

As the rest continue to witness and some experience over & over again (I sound like a broken record), it’s hard to beat the original not only in the team trophy category, but in all aspects of how an overall import team should carry itself, innovate & perform.

May our legendary team & tradition continue making import history…







More Images here

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