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Welcome to 2016 where online magazine articles are reining supreme in modern media. If you haven’t heard about, then let us arrange an introduction to this site with our Varis Widebody EVO X as it’s latest article.

Eric's Varis Wide Body Evo X


I probably should’ve given another disclaimer in my previous post… I drive an evo, and therefore I know other people who drive evos, and you will see a lot of evos on this site but I promise I will start shooting other cars as well. With that being said, let’s get on with it.

Anyway, when I first came into the evo scene a couple of years back, I learned that there was actually a decent size community of evo owners that I was completely unaware of. I never really saw too many evos around town, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that there were plenty of them and I was excited to see what they were up to with their cars.

One of the first few people who stood out was Eric McWilliams. He’s the owner of a 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X. A Carolina blue, wide body, low-to-the-ground, street-driven beast. I kept seeing all these pictures of it online and I knew he was local so I hoped I’d get to see it in person one day and eventually I did.

I was at Cars and Coffee one Saturday morning with my friend Reggie, and he mentioned that Eric would be coming out to Cars and Coffee after a photo shoot; I should probably mention that Reggie had already been a friend of Eric’s for a few years by this time, and sure enough a few minutes later Eric rolled up and all I could do was stare and drool.

Eric's Varis Wide Body Evo X

“I LOVE YOUR CAR SO MUCH!” (or something along those lines) those were the first words I said when I first met Eric. He was probably creeped out, but I’m sure he was also used to it. I’m a total fan boy for modified cars, and cars like this one are something I had only seen on TV, or at car shows, so it was pretty cool to see it out and about the road like a normal car.

Eric's Varis Wide Body Evo X

That was a couple of years ago. Eric has continued working on the car since, and it has become even more of a beast. This car isn’t just for show. Eric has built this thing for the track. Fully built motor and trans, big turbo set up, gutted out for weight savings, and plenty of downforce to keep the car grounded. I believe Eric is working on a few more modifications to get the car up to the 750whp range, but believe me, even at its current horsepower level (somewhere in the mid 600’s) this car is no joke.

Eric's Varis Wide Body Evo XEric's Varis Wide Body Evo XEric's Varis Wide Body Evo X

I’m looking forward to seeing where this build will go next. Hard to imagine there is much left to do, but I know Eric is big on details so I know there will be more to it.

Eric's Varis Wide Body Evo XEric's Varis Wide Body Evo XEric's Varis Wide Body Evo XEric's Varis Wide Body Evo X

This will continue to be one of my favorite evo x builds out there. Many people out there including myself will continue to be inspired by all the work Eric has put into his build. This is a car I will always look at and tell myself “one day…”

Eric's Varis Wide Body Evo X

Eric would like to give special thanks to the following:

My family & friends
Team Hybrid
BF Goodrich
Fuel Injector Clinic
Password JDM
KW Suspension
Grafik Impact
Merrill Performance
English Racing
Mad Kustomz

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