Amsoil’s Blog on Donald’s Father/Son Sky

Amsoil’s Blog/Pic of the week, Featuring Donald’s Saturn Sky and his Son’s replica Sky.

Pic of the Week: Team Hybrid Father-Son Team Wins Awards & Hearts at Baytown IFO


Team Hybrid’s San Antonio Chapter Director Donald Xavier showed up at the Baytown Import Face-Off (IFO) event last weekend with his 2007 Saturn Sky Redline and a special guest in tow. Donald’s son displayed his custom CARS-edition toy model alongside dad’s, already proving he’s well on his way to a bright future in the tuner sphere.

After starting out with a standard red floor model, the Xavier team worked side-by-side in car washes and paint modifications. After coming across some Xavier_Team_Red.jpgextra vinyl, Donald recently surprised his sidekick with a custom car wrap that matched his dad’s Saturn. Their hard work paid off, and landed them a Best Domestic Sport Compact and Best Display award at the Baytown IFO. It was such a hit that any future alterations to the Saturn will be replicated on the smaller-scale model and displayed together at shows. We especially like that little Xavier knows which oil to run already, despite not yet having a need for it.

One thing is for sure: This father-son team is on to great things in the automotive realm that will reach well into the future. AMSOIL is a proud supporter of the next generation of automotive enthusiasts and those who help them realize their dreams.


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