Import Faceoff Las Vegas 5/1/16

It’s no secret that we love IFO show series. Combining six chapters at one show is something we love even more. The Hybrid Army Invades Las Vegas for IFO and dominated once again.


The force of 10 leaders, 7 chapters, 37 cars/bike/truck and 80 Hybridz/Hunnyz has resulted in a new record and an old record which was set by us last December IFO 2015 with 13 trophies is now broken with a new event and national Import Face-Off record of 18 trophies.

Best Mitsubishi – Archie

Best Nissan – Sean

Best FRS/BRZ – Yoshi

Best Scion – Robert

Best Subaru – Albie

Best Korean – Mark

Best Mazda – Phil

Best Domestic – Mike B

Best Luxury – Geoff

Best Interior – Robert

Best Motorcycle – AJ

Best Lexus – Anas

Best Domestic Truck – Johnny

Best Evo – Mark

Best Infiniti – Tyson

2nd Place Infiniti – Joshua

Best Team Quantity – Team Hybrid

Best Team Quality – Team Hybrid


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