UrbanRacer.com Oct. ’07 Featured Article – Scion Tuner Challenge V2.0

We take a peek at what’s coming from the aftermarket’s biggest annual freakout. Urban Racer wrote, “Part 1: Hybrid vs. Koshak vs. Auto Concept Elite. For 2007, besides again hosting one of the industry’s most anticipated trade parties, Scion plans to mark the first SEMA Show for its all-new xB and xD models with a cadre of project vehicles tuned by some of the most respected and well-known tuners in the industry. More on that in a later update.

Also making a comeback after a successful showing in 2006 is the Scion Tuner Challenge. In the debut of the Challenge last year, three teams were invited to build their visions of the ultimate Scion xA, armed only with creativity and a $15,000 maximum budget from Scion. When the curtains were lifted off the finished entries at the 2006 SEMA Show, the competitiveness of the Challenge surprised many. Ultimately though, Team Hybrid of Southern California took home bragging rights as the first Scion Tuner Challenge winner.

For 2007, Hybrid was invited back to defend their title against two new talented contenders. The 2007 Tuner Challenge invites tuner teams to trick out the 2008 xD, with the winner to be announced at SEMA, November 1, at 3:00 p.m. Once again organized and judged by the National Custom Car Association (NCCA), Scion picked three Southern California clubs (including defending champs Team Hybrid) and gave them each one of three identical 2008 xD’s, and $15,000 to modify the car however they pleased (the rules state that the cars do not need to be street legal).

The first part of our preview of the Scion Tuner Challenge exposes the concept renderings and bios of each of the team; part two (check back later this week) of our Tuner Challenge preview will give you a sneak peek that will include in-build photos of each project as they race towards the finish line.”

Car Magazine U.K. Oct. ’07 Cameo Feature – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xA

Team Hybrid continues to be seen world wide. We are again in another U.K. Magazine. The Team Hybrid Scion xA is in CAR Magazine U.K. October 2007 issue, pg 31. It is in an article about market trends where “Personalisation is all the rage.” Congrats again to the builders, James Lin & David Huang.

Max Power U.K. Sep. ’07 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xA

Congratulations again to James Lin, Project Director and David Huang’s, Project Manager, 2006 Scion xA in a 6 page full feature in Max Power U.K. September 2007 issue, pgs 100-105. This year, the Team Hybrid xA has graced not only U.S. and Canadian magazines, now, it is making its run on newstands in the U.K. Max Power UK states, “But with a brand new car and the bragging rights as the world’s top Scion tuners up for grabs, this was always going to be one hell of a contest.” As all of you know now, the judges voted Team Hybrid winners of the Scion xA Tuner Challenge. Lastly, the last two pages of the articles gives you a brief background on the other two teams.

Here is what Max Power wrote about our history, “Established over a decade aog, Team Hybrid is the oldest of the three teams competing in the Scion xA Tuner Challenge. Hybrid’s longevity, and its location in the media-heavy Southern California area, meas it enjoys particular notoriety, both locally and on the nation tuning scene. The club also has many print and other media credits to it’s name. As trendsetters, their cars have been seen and imitated across the world. In fact, a Team Hybrid Scion xA was chosen as the featured vehicle in a Scion TV commercial.”

Lastly, Hybridz, our accomplishments continue to speak for themselves.

HCI Aug. ’07 Cameo Feature – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xA

Congratulations to Project Director, James Lin and Project Manager, David Huang’s Scion xA on being in the article in HCI August 2007 issue, pg 92, covering HIN, San Mateo. HCI wrote, “The Hybrid xA was the center of attention in the Scion booth.” Again, I have said this many times, this will be a highly published car in 2007.

PASMAG Annual Buyer’s Guide ’07 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xA

A month ago the Scion xA was featured in the prestigious 100th Special Edition Issue of Import Tuner. This month is it in Performance Auto & Sound 2007 Annual Buyer’s Guide. Congratulations to James Lin and David Huang’s 2006 Scion xA in a 4 page full feature. This is the 2nd full feature for this car this year and with more to come. PAS wrote, “When the dust settled, Scion and the NCCA (judging authority) awarded top prize and bragging rights to Team Hybrid. Lin and Huang were proud of what the team was able to accomplish in 90 days, as the achievement definitely solidified their position as the top crew in the nation.”

Super Street Jul. ’07 Cameo Feature – David Huang’s IS300 & IS350

Congratulations to David Huang’s IS300 and IS350 on being in the article of Super Street July 2007 issue, pg 118-119, covering Night Shift, Pomona Fairplex. Super Street wrote, “We’re not sure but we think Hybrid’s IS300 and IS350 may be just a little better than Jonny’z dirty Lexus.”

Import Tuner Jul. ’07 Featured Article – Team Hybrid 1st Place SEMA Scion xA

Congratulations to James Lin and David Huang’s 2006 Scion xA in a 8 page full feature in Import Tuner Magazine’s July 2007 issue, pgs 72-80. I have been advising all of you since last year that this car will be published/featured in many magazines in 2007. Finally, here is the 1st full feature. Not only is it the first, but it is in Import Tuner’s 100th Special Edition Issue. What an honor to be chosen to be featured in such a milestone issue for Import Tuner. Import Tuner must luv Team Hybrid and this amazing xA we built. What also makes this a special feature is the photoshoot was shot @ Scion Corporate in Torrance, Ca. Import Tuner heading states, “Team Hybrid, King of the Scion Tuners…Once the cars where judged and the dust cleared; Team Hybrid of Southern California emerged the victorious tuning team. And it’s easy to see why they won; their xA is one of the slickest-looking B-segments we’ve seen in a while… and probably the hottest xA featured in this magazine.”

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