Level 3 – Sept. 18th, 2008

The promoters/club @ Level 3 in Hollywood are throwing an event on 09/18, Thurs. in our honor to celebrate the 9 trophies including Best Team Represent won @ Nisei. We are the main event. Our newest team picture is represented and our two sexy and beautiful Hybrid Hunnyz (Lisa Kaye & Joanna Aimee) will be on the go go’s representing HybridHunnyz.com all night long. There will also be a daisydukes vs. miniskirts contest that should be quite interesting. No Hybrid cars will be on display, but there will be plenty of Hybrid signage. Please get the word out and bring as many guests as possible while posting up this flyer wherever possible. Please post up if interested or email me your guestlist @ [email protected]. The promoters have advised me this is a guaranteed sold out event so make sure you get on the Hybrid VIP or Regular guestlist.


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