Nisei Week – Aug. 16th, 2008

PNisei Week 06/22/08

This past weekend at Nisei was a complete success for our team. Not only did we represent hard and take home 9 trophies, but we all came together as one. Thanks to NorCal, SoCal, Vegas, and SD for all showing up to be a part of one of our largest gatherings in history. A head count was taken and over 75+ hybridz and hunnyz were participating at the show. We had the largest contingency there and showed everyone why we are one of the best teams in the nation. Congratulations to the following for taking home trophies. Thank you for building your cars to standard.

Team Hybrid – Showoff Team Represent!

Best Of Class: James Lin/David Huang – Scion Class – xA

EXC Runner up w/ 5ft Trophy – Kirby Wang – GS400

1st Place

Chef Haydostian – Euro Other Class – VW Passat

Frankie Klepadlo – Scion Class – TC

2nd place

Paul Gongora – Mitsubishi Class – Evo 9

David Hang – Mazda Class – Miata

David Huang – Euro Other Class – Range Rover Sport

3rd Place

Charles Cha – Mitsubishi Class – Evo 9


PNisei Week 06/22/08

PNisei Week 06/22/08

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