Meguiar’s Car Crazy features Roberts Crazy RX-7 at SEMA 2015

We are thankful and grateful for our relationship with Meguiar’s all these years.  All the love from Meguiar’s and all the training they have provided to us to make our rides out shine the competition has been blessing.

Meguiar’s and Team Hybrid are two names that go almost hand in hand in the Sport Compact Car world.  We are always proud to work so close with such a great company and this year is no different.  However, for us there is one thing just a little different.  That is Robert Green’s Crazy and one of a kind RX-7 being featured in Meguiar’s Car Crazy booth.  Now let us be clear.  The Car Crazy booth is so crazy it has to be outside.  It is large and you can’t miss it.  Now maybe Meguiar’s has a soft spot for the RX-7, after all it was a Team Hybrid RX-7 that became the face of the famous NXT Generation line of products. 


Maybe it just a coincidence or maybe it is just because Robert’s RX-7 is an insane one of a kind 4 Rotor Feed’s Widebody monster.  Maybe it is the clean engine bay, wire tucked and all.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the only Feed’s widebody RX-7 in the USA and the 12th in the world.  I guess we may never know but I think we do…

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