Featured Model Lilly Evans

Lilly Evans (34C/25/36) is a force to be reckoned with! She has blown up on the modeling scene and is absolutely gorgeous!

As one of our Hybrid Hunnyz she has supported Team Hybrid since 2013 and has been modeling since 2010. She has been in several magazines such as DSPORT, SuperStreet and Import Tuner, as well as featured in the movie Fast and Furious 7! Keep an eye on this one guys n gals she’s fierce!


Apr ’13 Featured Model: Elle Navarro

Elle Navarro, born in Olongapo City Philippines and grew up in Southern California most of her life in a city called Oxnard.  This is the same city Team Hybrid was founded back in 1995 when Elle was only 10 years old. 

Elle was discovered first by Team Hybrid back in 2007 when we introduced her as one of our newest Hybrid Hunnyz and main spokesmodels for Team Hybrid.

Elle’s background is quite simple.  She grew up as a tomboy and was always in evolved in sports.  Mainly soccer and softball where MVP and all-star teams were no stranger to her.  She has always been very competitive and love to win just like Hybridz.  That is why we match so well with her and our fate crossed paths.  She  acts, models for major companies, go go’s, one of the main features on HybridHunnyz.com and is a treat on all levels. 

She has graced the cover of Super Street, Low Rider and MAXIM Espanol just to name a few.  

Lastly, she has shown tremendous Hybrid Luv and remained loyal with Team Hybrid for 7+ years now and our latest collaboration with her was at Motion 2012 in Long Beach as our Team Hybrid / K&N spokesmodel.

IMG 8209

March 2015 Featured Model: Courtney Day

Our March 2015 Model of the Month is Courtney Day.

Courtney Day (34C/25/35), a Caucasian beauty born and raised in San Diego, California is a Hybrid Hunnyz whom we discovered first over a decade ago with the help of our retired member Tom Ngo who built the infamous / published with many covers as well as features / award winning Rx-7 and owner of the Hook Up Shop She made Import Tuner 10th Year Anniversary Issue (December 2008, pg. 085) in the feature article titled, “The Decade Revisited.

Our Ten Hottest Models and The Most Significant Landmarks.”

Can you believe our team is also older than Import Tuner which released its first issue in 1998?

Believe it or not, Courtney Day is 1 out of the 10 models Import Tuner believes is hottest of the decade?

We sure have that midas touch for discovering and/or working with the hottest, sexiest, most well-know and beautiful import models for over the last decade and a half.

A quote from Import Tuner Magazine from Courtney Day

“I definitely have to give props to Tom Ngo from HookUpShop.com and my boyfriend for getting me into this. Without them I don’t think any of this would be happening… Also big props to James and all of Team Hybrid…”

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May 20+ years of Team Hybrid’s Tradition- Philosophy-Innovation-Management-Quality continue making import history…


Nov ’12 Featured Model: Lana Lopez

Our November model of the month is Hybrid Hunnyz, Lana Lopez.

She is a tiny (5’1″), but busty and shapely brunette who was born on March 15, 1982 in Santa Monica, California and grew up in Pasadena.

Lana’s of mixed Thai, Irish, and Mexican descent. She started modeling at age 18 and in April 2007 became our HybridHunnyz.com Car & Model, following here career, she went on to grace the cover of the June, 2010 issue of “Import Tuner” and has been featured on the cover of “Girls of Lowrider” magazine.

Moreover, Lana has also modeled for “Penthouse” (she was the “Penthouse” Babe of the Day for November 5, 2009) and worked as a go-go dancer in various clubs.

Lana not only enjoys reading, but also writes poetry and lyrics in her spare time. Lopez currently resides in Los Angeles, California

May 17+ years of Team Hybrid’s Tradition- Philosophy-Innovation-Management-Quality continue making import history…


Oct ’12 Featured Model: Sophia Lin

Sophia Lin aka. DJ Sophia Lin formerly known as DJ Hustle-Lin, Hybrid Hunnyz Model, James Lin’s long lost cousin and 2008 & 2011 spokesmodel for Team Hybrid.

Sophia Lin is an American DJ, model, actress, dancer, event host, fashion expert and recording artist from Los Angeles, California., best known as DJ Sophia Lin. She’s the official DJ and spokesmodel for night clubs, brands, magazine’s and fashion lines across the world including official Playboy, Hustler, BEBE, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Redbull, No5 Energy Drink events and LikeMe.net to name a few.

Her fans call her “your girlfriend’s favorite DJ”. She’s one of the most talented persons around with her big personality. She’s also known to dance around while DJ’ing her electro, house, hip hop, rock, 80’s, soul and top 40 tunes gets everyone attention and raving for more.

DJ Sophia Lin is considered to be a “International” DJ.  But also as an entertainer, she has appeared in Movies, short films & Music Videos such as: Fast & Furious 4, Miss March, Should’ve Been Romeo, Kissing Strangers, Damned Love. Love in This Club – Usher, Miss Independent, Ne-Yo, Lolli Lolli – Three 6 Mafia, & more!


Sep ’12 Featured Model: Francine Dee

Francine Dee may be one of the most well-known import models in the industry.

She caused a state of panic in the Winter of 1999, as boys, men and even women ran to the newsstands in hopes of snatching up a copy of Import Tuner’s issue No. 2 to witness the hottest Filipina/Chinese woman seen to date.

An unknown model at the time, Francine and her stunning looks brought worldwide attention to import models and the aftermarket car scene. She is one of two early import models to grace the cover of Playboy Magazine.

Francine has appeared in several music videos including artists 50 Cent in 2003, Snoop Dogg, Ashanti / Ja-Rule and Tyrese, to name just a few. She also made a small cameo appearance in the movie Soul Plane. Francine continues to draw crowds of fans at various venues and shows. Currently living in Las Vegas, this ageless beauty continues to cause men to do double takes and be the envy of all women.

Francine Dee is also very close friends with some of our current Hybrid Hunnyz such as Christine Mendoza and Lillian Kong. During Formula D, Las Vegas on 8/25/12, Team Hybrid, Hybrid Hunnyz and Francine Dee decided to work together by conducting our 1st ever photoshoot @ the MGM Grand Hotel. Bare in mind, Francine does not do these kind of shoots anymore, especially, for import teams so this is a rare treat. But once again, Team Hybrid does it again by innovating & setting standards once again.

Import Tuner – 1999


D-Sport – Feb 2004


The photoshoot is credited to SD Chapter Director, Scott Dean and
assisted by the behind the scenes efforts of Lillian Kong and James Lin/Team Hybrid.

Aug ’12 Featured Model: Maureen Chen

Maureen Chen, born and raised in Taiwan, was introduced in 2011 as one of our newest Hybrid Hunnyz and main spokesmodel for Team Hybrid.  She has taken the import industry by storm by representing 1.3 billion Chinese people and especially, Taiwanese people here in the USA by landing Covers for major import tuning magazines like Import Tuner April 2010, Rukus May 2010, and DSport May 2010 issue. 

Our relationship has not only continued into 2012 but it keeps getting stronger since Maureen partnered up with us once again to be one of our main spokesmodel at our booth at Motion Auto Show 2012 and was the main model chosen for the Hybrid/AEM poster with James Lin’s SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge 2011 tC. 

Lastly, how fitting to have Maureen Chen be our August monthly feature especially when her birthday is on August 13. 

Happy Birthday!


July ’12 Featured Model: Lisa Kaye

Lisa Kaye, a long time friend, one of the first Hybrid Angels and discovered 1st by Team Hybrid is our July ’12 feature model of the month. She has worked along side many of our legendary and iconic Hybrid Hunnyz as well as some of them being her closest friends.

Some of these legendary Hybrid Hunnyz are considered Top 10 Hottest Models of the Decade by Import Tuner (Sasha Singleton, our Dec. 2008 Feature Model and Courtney Day). Lastly, Lisa Kaye was also chosen and invited to dance at Import Tuner’s aka. 2NR10YR anniversary, Hollywood, Ca. on 10/16/2008.


We wish Lisa Kaye continue success in all that she does especially since she has almost been in the import game as long as we have. Hybrid Luv 4 Life!